Taxi Cab Services

There are plenty of options for getting around Las Vegas via a taxi cab. See the links below.

Taxi Cab Services
A-Cab Co.702-369-5686
Ace Cab Co.702-736-8383
A-North Las Vegas Cab702-643-1041
Checker Cab Co.702-873-2000
Deluxe Cab Co.702-568-7700
Desert Cab Co.702-386-9102
Henderson Taxi702-384-2322
Lucky Cab Co.702-477-7555
Nellis Cab Co.702-248-1111
Star Cab Co.702-873-2000
Union Cab Co.702-736-8444
Vegas Western Cab Co.702-736-6121
Virgin Valley Cab Co.702-737-1378
Western Cab Co.702-736-8000
Whittlesea Blue Cab Co.702-384-6111
Yellow Cab Co.702-873-2000

Source: Nevada Taxicab Authority